Day After

What’s the next step after a keynote?

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Passion without talent wanders
— Jef Staes

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1. Discover Jef's books

If one of Jef's books or presentations moved you, then you might be interested in taking the next step. Jef Staes has written the Red Monkey Trilogy. Three books that expand on the lectures and keynotes.

2. Join or organize an Awakening Class

If you want to be really serious about making the switch to 3D, check out Jef's Awakening Class "Rise of the Red Monkeys". This one day session is primarily aimed at small groups, but also open for individuals. So invite your colleagues and start a Red Monkey revolution in your team and organisation.


3. Ask Jef a question

If you have a question after listening to Jef's ideas, head on over to #JefTalks and mail us your question. On a regular basis, Jef will answer questions we'll receive with new video's. Stay up-to-date via our newsletter.

4. Download Jef's slides & Pictures

You can download the slides of recent lectures, the e-book and pictures of Jef here:

The day after as an organisation

Jef's view on organisational innovation demands a system change. Organisations that want to survive in a 3D-world need new processes and a structure built to innovate. To achieve this, requires a paradigm shift at the highest level.

If you are interested to take the next step with your organisation, do contact us and we'll set up a meeting with one of our agents.