Reviews of "My Organisation is a Jungle"

Refreshingly clear and stimulating for the Red Monkey Breeders, who are already dreaming of the 3D-world … Ominously clear and terrifying for the Red Monkey Hunters, who keep sailing in circles in 2D-waters.
— Fons Leroy, CEO VDAB
This is an exciting and innovative read, full of new insights. Just enjoy it!
— Fran Wilson, International Research Manager, CIPD
Eye-opener! From HR to Business units, from employees to managers, everyone and everything has to align to a new state of mind in a world driven by passion, talent and access to information.
— Koen Vingerhoets, KBC
A remarkable book, in which Jef Staes - in his daring and unique style - confronts the reader and challenges the basic principles of modern day management.
— Guido Beazar, Chairman VKW