Jef Staes is the author of the bestselling Red Monkey Books. The first of the trilogy - “My Organisation is a Jungle” - is also available in English. It's is available for free via digital download or you can buy the paper edition through our Red Monkey Shop. You will also find Jef's other books in Dutch there.


Refreshingly clear and stimulating for the Red Monkey Breeders, who are already dreaming of the 3D-world … Ominously clear and terrifying for the Red Monkey Hunters, who keep sailing in circles in 2D-waters.
— Fons Leroy, CEO VDAB
A remarkable book, in which Jef Staes - in his daring and unique style - confronts the reader and challenges the basic principles of modern day management.
— Guido Beazar, Chairman VKW
This is an exciting and innovative read, full of new insights. Just enjoy it!
— Fran Wilson, International Research Manager, CIPD

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