Rise of the Red Monkeys

An Executive Awakening Class

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'Rise of the Red Monkeys' is a logical next step after a keynote. Join one of our open sessions with a small group or set up an in-house seminar to really start innovating the culture of your organization.

For whom

This seminar is a one day seminar for executives and their team, open-minded about new trends in innovation and management. The class offers a new mindset and a new toolkit for Innovation Management.

Awakening objectives

  • Discover why organizations struggle to innovate?
  • Find out why HR & Innovation processes that worked in the past, suddenly fall short.
  • How can the need for innovation overcome the existing power balance?
  • Can your portfolio renewal keep up with changes within your sector?
  • Is your innovation conflict or consensus driven?
  • Does your organization attract people with passion for their talents?
  • Are your HR-processes accelerating or slowing down change?
  • Do you have a road map and toolkit to create an innovative organization?

Find out more about our 'Rise of the Red Monkeys' one-day seminar via www.riseoftheredmonkeys.com.

This class is an Awakening. It’s your decision
whether you hit snooze or rise up and get to work!
— Jef Staes