The EOI Mindset by Jef Staes

Adopt a new Innovation Mindset!

The Engine of Innovation Mindset (EOI Mindset) is a disruptive blueprint for culture innovation. It introduces a new vocabulary, a toolbox and an organic transformation process for organizations to become an agile and powerful ‘Engine of Innovation’.

How do you bring ‘Red Monkey Innovation Management’ into practice? The EOI Mindset is a common language that enables Open Culture Innovation between teams, organizations and regions.

We work exclusively with the EOI Mindset to boost the innovation power of organizations and regions. Jef Staes also employs these insights during his lectures and workshops such as ‘The Red Monkey Story’.

EOI Academy

A question that often returns is: “Can I become an expert in the EOI Mindset?”

And the answer is: “YES!”

It’s our ambition to offer everyone who is passionate about organizational development and our story, a chance to become an EOI Expert. That’s why we are starting the EOI Academy. If you are interested in this, let us know and we’ll keep you up -to-date of our plans and how to get involved.

At this stage we are looking for passionate talents within organization or partners that want to add our ideas to their portfolio.