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#JefTalks is an opportunity to connect with me. Maybe you recently attended one of my keynote. Or you stumbled upon one of my YouTube videos or TEDx Talks. Perhaps you read "My Organisation is a Jungle".

I'm really fascinated by learning processes and innovative organizations. Throughout my diverse professional career as a telecommunication expert, software developer, training manager, and corporate learning officer, I've always tried to find the system in the chaos.

My stories and books are guaranteed eye-openers and have inspired many. But I want to do more. I want to connect people as well through a new common innovation language. This is why I want to create JefTalks. To create a community, but also to create new content and share ideas.

Whichever way you discovered my ideas, if you are a fan, I hope you become a patron.



Videos, livestream, columns, …

As a creator, I would love to make more content. The true sign of passion is the eagerness to share. I’ve found my passion and hope you join & support me as an expert to create more videos, columns, graphics, …

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I’ve chosen for a platform called ‘Patreon’ to host my community. There I want to create question-driven content. So if you join, I’ll be listening to your questions. I already look forward to them.


Employees - $2/month

Employees - $2/month

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Managers - $5/month

Executives - $10/month

Executives - $10/month

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I offer three different memberships starting out at only $2/month. My philosophy is that everyone should be able to join and be able to afford a membership that fits their role in their organisation: employee, manager or executive.

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Members get access to older footage of my keynotes, videos, columns, … Discover the origin of ideas and how they have grown and evolved over the years.



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Finally, I want to create important milestones and I want you to challenge me to reach those. One of those is the creation of a professional video series tackling all the crucial questions for all my fans … but I need your support.