The EOI Mindset Map

The EOI Mindset by Jef Staes

Adopt a new Innovation Mindset!

The Engine of Innovation Mindset (EOI Mindset) is a disruptive blueprint for culture innovation. It introduces a new vocabulary, a toolbox and an organic transformation process to become an agile and powerful ‘Engine of Innovation’.

With the EOI Mindset Map, Jef Staes creates an invaluable addition to his books. How do you bring ‘Red Monkey Innovation Management’ into practice? The EOI Mindset is an ‘Organizational Operating System’ that enables Open Culture Innovation between teams, organizations and regions.

Jef Staes is a thought leader in the fields of learning and innovation management. Based on his experience as a software designer, Training Manager and Corporate Learning Officer, he now assists organizations in their search for more power to learn and innovate.

As an author, keynote speaker and workshop leader, Jef awakens people to a 3D-world of Red Monkeys, 3D-Smarts, 3D-Management, 3D-Business Units and ‘No Sheeping’. As an entrepreneur, he is the founder of the Red Monkey Company.

Red Monkey Company works exclusively with the EOI Mindset Map to boost the innovation power of organizations and regions. Jef Staes also employs the insights of this map during his lectures and workshops.

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