The world has changed dramatically, from a slow moving, non-innovative 2D-World (2-Dimensional, flat) to a fast moving, very innovative 3D-World (3-Dimensional, turbulent). In this Executive Master Class, Jef Staes explains in five stories why and how organizations and regions have to adapt.

Photo by Frans Davids

Photo by Frans Davids

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December 2015
Tongerlo (BE)
December 3 & 4, 2015

Red Monkey Innovation Management


Special Deals

For Executives Coaches

Starting a disruptive Culture Innovation Process in an organization is very challenging. The return on investment of this Executive Master Class can be greatly increased if participants from the same organization follow this seminar with a coach or consultant already active in their organization. If the coach or consultant is willing to coach these participants during the master class we can offer a special deal to these coaches.

For Professional Networks

During the last years I gave a lot of lectures for networks of different sectors (Health Care, Automotive, Education, ICT, Food Sector, …). If a network wants to offer this Executive Master Calls to their Executive Members we also have a special deal for them. We really believe that by working together we can boost the Innovation Power of their members and the value of their network.

For Groups of Participants

We would like to organize this master class with ‘Learning Tables’. Every Learning Table can be a team or a group of participants that wants to learn together. If you participate as group we will provide a dedicated coach that will enhance your learning experience.

Crossing generations

Disruptive Culture Innovation will only be possible when people from different ages join forces. We need the new generation that already embraces social media for learning and communicating. But we also know that organizations are not always willing to invest this amount of money in this young generation. For this reason we are willing to make a deal. I an organization signs up for this Master Class they can add 2 people under the age of 23 to join the master class for 250€. You won’t regret this option. 

Join Forces …  

With this Master Class we want to start a Switch3D movement. We can only succeed if we join forces with others. For this reason we are open for cooperation in following …

  • Do you want to organize this Master Class with us in your country?
  • Do you want to host this Master Class in your organization or company and are willing to promote this master class?


This Master Class can also be organized in your organization for a closed group.

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