The color of innovation
will be Red

An introduction to Red Monkey Innovation Management

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'The color of innovation will be Red' is a brand new, half-day session that not only introduces you the Red Monkey Story, but also offers a short workshop to bring Jef's Red Monkey insights into practice. You can join one of our open sessions with a small group or as an individual professional.

For whom

For everyone who is passionate in the evolution of working & learning. No level of expertise required … it’s new for all of us.

Awakening objectives

  • To introduce the new dynamics of a world flooded by information.

  • To prove that learning and working based on discipline and intelligence is a thing of the past.

  • To show that yesterday's Training & Education programs are a scam in the age of information.

  • To reintroduce the real value of passion and talents of people.

  • To present Jeff’s Law as an aid to create a new learning environment.

  • To rediscover the true meaning of ‘competence’.

  • To explain how the ‘Power Defect’ causes the rise of incompetent experts, managers and executives.

  • To embrace Red Monkey Innovation Management as foundation for Culture Innovation.

  • To become 3D-Awake.

Upcoming sessions

Dutch sessions

  • 23 October 2018

  • 29 November 2018

  • 13 December 2018

Agenda & practical

  • 8u30 until 12u30

    • Part 1: Keynote from 9u00 to 10u30

    • Part 2: Workshop from 11u00 to 12u30

  • Tongerlo Abbey, Belgium

  • Language: Dutch

  • Basic free: €95/participant (reduction for education)

You better come prepared to the battlefield and ready to fight, because the color of innovation will be red!
— Jef Staes