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Whether you're looking for an international speaker at a global conference or an expert for a small-scale in-house event, Jef Staes can deliver an eye-opening keynote or session. He has given keynotes for large audiences (1000+) and small groups (8-20). Jef can also participate in panel discussions or in debate setting.


Keynote can vary from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Requests for longer presentations or workshops are welcome as well.



Jef Staes can deliver a keynote in Dutch or English. Slides are always in English.


There is a range of different stories and topics that Jef discusses. Find out which message best suits your conference or event on our stories page.


Please contact us with details about your event, audience and setting to receive an indication of Jef's speaking fee. 

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Jef Staes has given hundreds of lectures on information and innovation. Settings have varied from large audiences (e.g., TEDx) to smaller interactive groups. The need for a new approach to innovation is always at the center of each talk or discussion.


Information is the fifth element
— Jef Staes @ TEDx Flanders