From Naked Sheep to Red Monkeys

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A new balance

What has fundamentally changed in today's world? Who will be the leaders of tomorrow? The 2D/3D-story is a classic in Jef's lectures and offers a framework to start debating innovation in your company.

Red Monkey Story

With his Red Monkey metaphor, Jef gained national and international recognition. His popular story illustrates why so many resist change. It also presents a new innovation paradigm: A respectful conflict model.


You are a sheep!

Time to wake up and stop following the herd. 'No more sheeping' is a confrontational manifesto against our current educational system and the way we treat talents. With daring statements and bold ideas, Jef opens the floor for discussion.

Competence Playlist

How do you validate knowledge when innovation and change occurs at such a rapid pace? All fields of study are fragmenting further and further because it's impossible to master and keep up with all new developments. What is the value of a diploma in such a reality? Is there another way to ensure that someone is competent and up-to-date in his area of expertise?


Forget flat organizations. Forget self-directing teams. The Manager will be the source of leadership and vision in this new reality. But not the old style, authoritarian know-it-all, but a new generation of managers. Able to get things done with a team. Able to create energy and passion for a clear project and direction.

The Power Defect

Jef's latest story talks about the impact of authority and competence on the agility of organisations and society. The onset of the information age has caused a fatal defect in our power structures. The reasons for this and how you find out if your organization suffers from the Power defect, you find out during this keynote.


Jef Staes has given hundreds of lectures on information and innovation. Settings have varied from large audiences (e.g., TEDx) to smaller interactive groups. The need for a new approach to innovation is always at the center of each talk or discussion.


Information is the fifth element
— Jef Staes @ TEDx Flanders