Be Prepared

Get ready for a keynote by Jef Staes


Real learning only happens if you have the passion to 'suffer' ... to repeat ... repeat ... and repeat. Only then will your brain transform information into knowledge. For people attending my keynotes, lectures, talks or Master Classes the same rule applies. The more you repeat, the more you learn.

For this reason, I advice people attending my sessions to prepare themselves by viewing a selection of online presentations or reading my books. You will notice that the return on investment of attending my sessions will increase dramatically. You will be able to understand the content better and remember more. I guarantee ... if you prepare ... 8-)



Watch TEDx: 'Behave ... Brake for Red Monkeys'

If you ever had a chat with Jef Staes, you know he always uses the terms 2D & 3D as a canvas. It's his way of describing how the world has changed and what the impact of this change is on people, teams, organizations and even regions. If you are not familiar with this, we highly recommend that you watch two of Jef's TEDx Talks.

Watch TEDx: 'The Naked Sheep'

In the second video, Jef Staes talks about the impact of information on our traditional structures. How can we build a society that can cope with this new 3D-reality. Passion for talents and the ability to learn fast, they will become very valuable. Prepare yourself for a confrontational journey.

Can’t get enough. Here are two more TEDx videos by Jef Staes

Read Jefs E-book

If you are interested in even more information, you can read Jefs first book 'My organization is a jungle' for free online. You can find the links here.

Download the slides

Sometimes the slides of Jefs keynote are already available in advance to the keynote. You can download them yourself and bring them to the presentation to take notes or follow along.

Reflect, contact and ask

If you watched the videos in preparation for one of Jef's sessions you can send your remarks or questions by using following form. This enables us to better prepare the session you are attending. 

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